The Short

I am a Cloud Platform / DevOps Engineer with Oracle. I started with Oracle in Philadelphia in 2014 and in 2017 relocated back to my home country, India. I'm based, at the moment, in Delhi NCR, India.

The Long

I am a Senior Cloud Engineer at Oracle. I work on the CEGBU Cloud Engineering team on cloud platform and DevOps projects. My work focuses on cloud infrastructure, platform orchestration, scaling, and automation projects. I have worked across a wide variety of cloud-first projects involving Primavera, FedRAMP, Aconex, Oracle Public Cloud (OPC), and Oracle Cloud for Industry (OCI). I have also been a technical lead for multiple projects across different teams. I am currently based out of Delhi, India.

I have worked across the entire cloud platform stack on many different tools and technologies. Some of the tools and tech I use (or have used) frequently include Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Hashicorp Vault, Terraform, Python, and Bash among many others. I have experience working on both OCI and AWS cloud providers.


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